SOTT WRAP-ON! – 33,8 oz (1ltr)


The perfect solution for fast and effortless application of self adhesive films without air bubbles and wrinkling. Right-On allows the film to be repositioned after initial application. It offers all the advantages of soap and water, but it works faster. Spray the substrate and adhesive layer of the film, apply the film and slide it effortlessly in to position. The film begins to bond after just 3 minutes and you can even start working it into channels immediately. Right-On Spray will not affect the adhesive layer. Suitable for use on all types of wet application film.

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Install wrap films and PPF on large areas with ease – no stress!

Moderately improves ultimate adhesion.
Wrap-On! evaporates completely.

25 years later and WRAP-ON! is still the world’s best auxiliary product to install film with ease, e.g. on car hoods, roofs and flat panels. Enables you to slide large patches of film with ease, but after just minutes the film will start adhering better than without Wrap-On!


  • Ideal for very hot environments, such as in summer.
  • Ideal for LOW TACK, (even with air channel) and HIGH TACK films.
  • Strengthens final adhesion.
  • Works on all films, with or without air channels.
  • Does not impair the adhesive or substrate.
  • Ample time to slide, move and adjust the film.
  • Starts bonding within 3 minutes!


How does it work?

  • Spray onto both the substrate and the adhesive layer.
  • Easily position the film on the substrate.
  • Wet the outside of the film and squeegee outwards.
  • Now squeegee the fluid out in overlapping strokes. The more moisture is squeegeed out,
    the faster the film will bond.
  • The Right-On fluid will gradually evaporate and adhesion to the substrate will set in.


Expert Tip for an even more efficient use of Wrap-On:
Right-On is also lightly degreasing and as such it is perfect to gently clean glas, acryl, banner materials and plastics that are sensitive to more aggressive cleaning materials.


Start The Installation!

Hot garage?  Sticky film?  No Problem

On warm days, even the friendliest wrap film can get aggressive which can cause install times to shoot up as well as frustration levels. Using a thin mist of Wrap On! on both the surface and adhesive can help that panel slide and glide. The unique blend of Wrap On! won’t compromise the adhesive so it’s safe for all brands.

Quick and easy installing of PPF films

Wrap On! is suitable and effective solution for PPF. It gives the installer the freedom to position and readjust which allows them to install with confidence. And because of the special ingredients in Wrap On!, the final adhesion level is even improved when compared to other liquid carriers.

Over saturated or Aggressive Full Print Wraps?

Printed film sometimes feels different, has harder tack and can be tough to install (especially when the panels are big). This is often caused by films that haven’t properly out gassed or are over saturated. Heat and humidity can also cause full print wraps to grip overly hard. Wrap-On! was made for just these situations. Simply spray, position, squeegee and you’re done!