The Squad


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A challenge for all film installers and sometimes (almost) impossible:

placing and pressing down adhesive film into small corners, gaps and holes. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool for that! Oh yes, SOTT sells it. A pair of elongated squeegees that work together as a team to tackle any job. Here they are: The Squad.


These specially shaped squeegees are designed to apply any type of film in hard-to-reach places. Whether it’s for wrap film, window film or interior film, thanks to their various special tips these tools can literally be used anywhere and in any situation.


They are made of durable plastic so that they will not break, fray, buckle or curl easily. Several of the tips have sharp flat edges, to make it easier to push them into the smallest gaps. Despite this your film will not be damaged because the tip material is smooth and shows no burrs.


In short, a must-have for every installer who relies on fast and efficient work methods.


Supplied as a set in its own case.