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FUSION-8 Hand grip – 8″ (20cm)


– 200mm (8”) wide; indestructible plastic

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An exceptional hand grip, extra wide, manufactured from high quality, unbreakable plastic for use with special squeegees. FUSION hand grips offer an improved and extended grip reducing fatigue from squeegee work during those long applications. Extra comfort is provided by the anti-slip foam coating on the actual gripping area.
The curved form of this special smooth plastic hand grip prevents it from coming in to contact with film when extra pressure is applied, so any risk of damage to your work is eliminated. This is the ultimate hand grip for squeegees used for the wet application of film.
Perfect for use with thick and hard foils, such as security film and window film.
Also available in a narrower 13cm (5”) version(Fusion-5).

Suitable for use with the following squeegees: